Organiss is a massive planet diverse with all manner of flora that has taken animal, insect, and humanoid forms. Once governed by the four Sacraments, sentient trees so large they pierce the clouds, they gave up their consciousness and life force to create their only offspring, the ultimate embodiment of Fyra-uuuun her self, Tellura Zeil: The Meta-Gaia.


A seed was her womb, and from it grew a mighty tree that in due time unraveled like weaved twine; birthing the compassion of Organiss, Tellura Zeil. Born mature in form but innocent of mind; Tellu, for a time, whimsically roams the meta-forest, and she learns the basic nature of being from the land and its inhabitants. With skin full of chlorophyll, hair of leafy vines, and the mark of the perpetual-bloom, she changes with the seasons like the forest around her. She speaks not with words but in the light and tones of empathy, healing and bringing joy merely with her presence. To many she becomes a Goddess, and all is serene and peaceful until a song calls upon her... a mere portion of the cosmic serenade... a single chime of the Grand-Procession!


Drawn to this melody; she searched high and low across Organiss to find the song, and upon discovery she learns of her first and true destiny. Tellu, the compassion of Organiss, is to become a warrior. Her true mission is revealed, and Tellu must face the four terrors that will plague the planet.


This Web-Comic is a tale of birth, life, death, and renewal. In it are many metaphors relating to our own planet, and the myth acts as a conduit to bridge concepts both environmental and metaphysical with our own existence here on Earth.

So, come bare witness to the greatest Birth in Her-story! EARTH PREVAIL!